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Lemonade War



Through a family financial literacy event titled One District, One Book, the Magnolia School District is partnering with Economics Arkansas and business and community members to provide kindergarten through fifth grade students and parents with a personal copy of the book, The Lemonade War, written by Jacqueline Davies.  The book is designed to be fun for readers.  In addition, it incorporates the use of charts and diagrams and cross-curricular content including business terms, mathematics, financial planning, and marketing.


East Side Elementary School and Central Elementary School are working collaboratively to host a kickoff event which will be held on Friday, February 17, 2017.  Individuals from a variety of entities have been invited to participate in the event and provide students with information on their chosen career paths.  Students will also have an opportunity to hear a guest read one or two chapters of the book.  Following the read aloud, each student will be presented an individual copy of the book to take home to read with parents.  Through the district and Economics Arkansas websites, parents will have access to age-appropriate family guides which offer suggestions of activities for parents and students to complete at home.


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