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Magnolia School District Bus Driver Highlight : Stephanie Butler

Posted Date: 08/22/2017

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Bus Driver Appreciation
Magnolia School District Bus Driver Highlight

The Bus Drivers of Magnolia School District work hard to make sure the students of the District are delivered safely to and from school each day. Magnolia drivers transport approximately 2000 students over 2300 miles per day. These bus drivers play a vital role in the educational process and their hard work is appreciated!

Stephanie Butler is the “Magnolia School District Bus Driver Highlight of the Week.” Stephanie started driving a bus in 1999 for Waldo and has been driving for Magnolia Public School since 2006. She is a dedicated employee and her passion for transporting our kids is greatly appreciated.

Please help us in thanking Butler for her hard work and dedication to our district! We cannot express how much we appreciate her!