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Transcript/Records Request

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All Students of Magnolia School District, Waldo School District, and Walker School District

needing a transcript or education verification follow the link below:

**Notice: After clicking the link above, all requests will be made through
the Magnolia High School Link under Step 1**

*Transcripts will NO longer be handled through the Registrar’s Office.*


Going digital


Magnolia School District’s

GRADUATED student 

records, WALDO HIGH, and

WALKER HIGH student records

 are going . . .


E L E C T R O N I C !


During this transition period, additional time (UP TO FIVE (5) BUSINESS DAYS) will be needed to access your records. Graduated students, Waldo, and Walker student records will no longer be kept on campus. 

Please plan accordingly when transcripts, test scores, or additional records are needed. 

*Birth certificates and Social Security Cards will no longer be available through Magnolia School District*

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