Enter to Win!

It's not a fairy tale or a fable  or a dream. 

The deadline to apply has been extended (again) through Wednesday, September 28.

So. Only four more days to enter/apply, but Magnolia School District is still givin’ stuff away!

Mrs. McBride (our lovely, patient, gracious Director of Food Services) has threatened to take my laptop away if I dare ask again, but

in case you didn’t know . . .

 Federal money in the form of Title I funds are portioned out to districts and schools according to their Free & Reduced Meal counts.

 And Magnolia School District is running low when it comes to applicants and will not receive it’s fair share if the numbers don’t improve. It’s not small amount we’re talking about either, and it helps pay for programs beyond the free & reduced meals.

So . . .

We’ll be drawing for each of the Beats Earbuds, and for the $100 Visa Gift Card, and for the $100 Gas Card on Friday, September 30. 

Names will be pulled from those who have completed a 2022-2023 School Lunch Form Application.

Even if you don’t qualify, so long as you complete the form your name will be entered.

https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/MAGP01 <- The application.

These have to be done and redone EVERY year, so fill one out!

 DEADLINE will be Wednesday, September 28.

https://frapps.horizonsolana.com/MAGP01 <- The application.