MHS Hosting Career Awareness Fair

Dear Career Fair Representatives: 

Thank you so much for volunteering your time to help young people in our area to begin thinking about their futures by exploring various career options. We would be thrilled to have you agree to be part of our school's career fair which will take place on Thursday, April 27th from 8:30-11 at the MHS Aux Gym. Career fairs are an opportunity for students to learn more about the industries and careers that interest them directly from community members who were once in their shoes. We couldn't host events like this one without industry partners such as you.

Whether you have an opportunity for students to gain work-based learning, are available to answer the burning questions our students have about your profession, or just want to share your passions and expertise, you can make a difference in your school community, and in the lives of Magnolia High School students.

Possible Talking Points/Questions from Students:

  1. Typical workday

  2.  Career trends (job outlook, how competitive is the application process….)

  3.  Pros and cons of the job

  4.  Salary range

  5. Training/education requirements

  6.  Helpful  technology to be familiar with

  7. High school classes that would pertain to the career

  8.  Your favorite task in your job

  9. An exciting, funny, or unusual experience you have had in your career

Presentation tips:

  1.  Bring and explain or demonstrate a visual aid such as a tool you commonly use, a slideshow or video of workers in action, brochures, etc.

  2. Wear your typical on-the-job attire and explain why you dress that way.

  3.  Demand respect by not trying to speak over rude students. Wait for them to be quiet before beginning.

  4. Involve students in demonstrations if possible.

If you're interested in participating, please fill out the registration form HERE.

Registration will be open until April 15th. 

We hope we'll see you at the fair!

For any additional questions please contact