Magnolia New Teachers for 2023-2024

The Magnolia School District welcomed twenty-seven new licensed personnel to the District at its annual new teacher orientation training on August 4. 

 Walker Pre-Kindergarten Center welcomed Nadia Green and Kaleigh McAdams to their teaching staff. 

 New teachers joining East Side Elementary School are Kimberly Ledbetter, Lydia Lindsey, Tyler Linton, Brent Mixon, and Emily Sorrells. 

 New teachers at Central Elementary School include Kaitlyn Powell, Amy Vallery, and Maddie West. 

 Magnolia Middle School’s new teachers are Michael Brewer, Patsy Cooper, Tyler Dennis, Jacob Flaherty, Jace Green, Braydyn Hill, Valarie Laney-Rowe, Aaron Middleton, and Henry Norton.

New teachers at Magnolia High School this year will be Carlos Aparicio, Brennon Brock, Jaydyn Clark, Timothy Franks, Natalie Harris, Susan Jennings, Connie Orsak, and Faith Otts.

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Front Row L to R: Maddie West, Amy Vallery, Lydia Lindsey, Carlos Aparicio, Jacob Flaherty, Valerie Laney-Rowe, Kaleigh McAdams, and Emily Sorrells

Middle Row L to R: Timothy Franks, Susan Jennings, Nadia Green, Henry Norton, Kimberly Ledbetter, Brent Mixon, Patsy Cooper, Braydyn Hill, and Connie Orsak

Back Row L to R: Tyler Linton, Jace Green, Tyler Dennis, Brennon Brock, Aaron Middleton, Kaitlyn Powell, Michael Brewer, and Faith Otts