Carson Waters during a butterfly event

The Magnolia Panthers and Lady Panthers competed in four swim meets this fall.

On Nov. 14, they traveled to Bryant for their first event against 19 Arkansas teams in various conferences and placed first among the Class 1A-4A teams that participated..

A week later on Nov. 21 in Arkadelphia at OBU, Lady Panthers placing first individually included Natalie Boyd (200m freestyle), Cecily Sanchez (200m Intermediate Medley), Emma Ellington (50m freestyle), Lindy Westfall (100m butterfly), and Cecily Sanchez (100m freestyle).

Female athletes placing second or third individually were Liz Wilson and Lindy Westfall (200m freestyle), Olivia Ferguson (200m IM), Kera Middleton and Erin Kay Daniel (50m freestyle), Olivia Ferguson (100m freestyle), Erin Kay Daniel (500m freestyle), and Kera Middleton and Emma Ellington (100m backstroke).

Panthers placing first were Bailey McCook (200m freestyle), Isaiah Williams (100m butterfly), Bailey McCook (100m freestyle), Isaiah Williams (500m freestyle) and Chris Dai (100m backstroke). Placing second or third were Riley McCook (200m freestyle), Reaves Rogers (50m freestyle), Thomas McWilliams (100m freestyle), Reaves Rogers (500m freestyle), and Riley McCook (100m breaststroke).

Panther relays placing first were the boys’ 200m Medley (Williams, McWilliams, B. McCook, R. McCook), and 400m Freestyle (Rogers, McCook, McWilliams, Williams). The Lady Panther 400m relay team of Boyd, Ellington, Sanchez and Ferguson also placed first.

Magnolia traveled to Texarkana on Dec. 7 for for the Arkansas vs. Texas meet. El Dorado and Texas High were the opposing team.

First place swimmer was Cecily Sanchez in the 200m freestyle and 100 butterfly. Placing second or third were Thomas McWilliams (200m freestyle), Erin Kay Daniel (200m IM), Lindy Westfall (100m butterfly), Kera Middleton (100m freestyle) and Elizabeth Wilson (500m freestyle). The 200m medley and freestule relay teams placed second. Athletes were Natalie Boyd, Elizabeth Wilson, Lindy Westfall and Cecily Sanchez.

During their last meet of the fall on Dec. 10 at El Dorado, the Lady Panthers and Panthers took first place against against Camden and El Dorado.

Placing first were events, Isaiah Williams (200m freestyle), Cecily Sanchez (50m freestyle), Thomas McWilliams (50m freestyle), Emma Ellington (100m freestyle), Riley McCook (100m freestyle), Ashlyn Middleton (500m freestyle), Reaves Rogers (500 freestyle, Cecily Sanchez (100m backstroke, Isaiah Williams, (100m backstroke), Olivia Ferguson (100m breaststroke), and Thomas McWilliams (100m breaststroke).

Swimmers placing second or third were Elizabeth Wilson (200m freestyle), Ashlyn Middleton (200m freestyle), Riley McCook (200m freestyle), Natalie Boyd (200m IM), Bailey McCook (200 IM), Olivia Ferguson (50m freestyle), Lindy Westfall (50m freestyle), Reaves Rogers (50m freestyle), Elizabeth Wilson (100 butterfly), Erin Kay Daniel (100 freestyle), Kera Middleton (100 freestyle), Chris Dai (100m freestyle), Leila Dadgar (500m freestyle), Lindy Westfall (100m backstroke), Bailey McCook (100m backstroke), Natalie Boyd (100m breaststroke), and Christ Dai (100m breaststroke).

Lady Panther 200m medley relay team of Ferguson, Sanchez, Wilson and Boyd finished first, while the 200m freestyle relay with Boyd, Wilson, Ferguson, and Sanchez was also first. The Panther 200m freestyle relay team of Williams, Rogers, McWilliams and B. McCook was also first.

Magnolia’s next meet is set Jan. 9, 2020 in Benton.